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UK Immigration & Visas

A Comprehensive
Guide to UK Immigration

Whether you’re applying for a visa for the first time or looking to change your status from within the UK, this guide offers a comprehensive overview of the UK’s immigration system to help you confidently approach your application.



Commonwealth Visa & BNO Citizens

The United Kingdom has a long-standing and unique relationship with the countries of the Commonwealth, a group of 54 member states largely composed of former territories of

Ukraine Extension Scheme

The Ukraine Extension Scheme is an initiative designed to support Ukrainian nationals and their family members residing in the UK due to the ongoing conflict

family visa uk

Guide to Family Visas in the UK

If you want to live in the United Kingdom with a family member for more than six months, you’ll need to make an application for

Ukraine Permission Extension Scheme

The Ukraine Permission Extension Scheme is due to open in 2025 and will allow eligible Ukrainian nationals to extend their permission to remain in the

Homes for Ukraine Sponsorship Scheme

In response to the humanitarian crisis resulting from the conflict in Ukraine, the UK Government launched the “Homes for Ukraine Sponsorship Scheme” in March 2022

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