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At Xpats.io, we’re here to help the global community discover and pursue opportunities in the UK.

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There are many different reasons why people want to come to the United Kingdom, and many different ways you can do it.

Through our in-depth, bespoke resources, insight and best practice guidance, you’ll find essential and authoritative information to help you plan and prepare your next steps, and find out what you need to know about life in the UK.

Step in the right direction

When you’re ready to make it happen, it’ll be important to get the right advice and support.

We can connect you to our network of trusted professionals, including legal, financial, investment and relocation advisers, with the experience and skills to help you on your journey.


Before you travel to the UK, you should check if you need a visa, and if so, which type and what you need to do to apply.

Money, tax & finance

Whatever your reason for looking at the UK, you’ll need to know what the financial implications and benefits are of becoming active in the UK economy.

Doing business

The UK is known for being open and welcoming to overseas businesses. The challenge for companies is choosing from the huge range of opportunities that are on offer.

Asylum help

Claiming asylum in the UK isn’t straightforward. It helps to understand the process and what support is available to you as an asylum seeker.