UK Expansion Worker Visa: Set up in the UK

uk expansion worker visa

The UK Expansion Visa allows overseas companies to deploy key personnel to the UK to set up operations and expand their business. Part of the more extensive Global Business Mobility Route, this visa opens up much-needed opportunities for global workers who benefit the British economy by commencing trading in the United Kingdom on behalf of […]

Apply for a Skilled Worker Sponsor Licence

skilled worker sponsor licence

Any UK business looking to recruit an overseas national under the skilled worker route must first have in place a valid licence to sponsor this category of worker. In this guide for businesses, we explain the rules and requirements to apply for a skilled worker sponsor licence and obtain the necessary permission to hire non-UK […]

Visa to start up a business in UK

visa to start business in uk

The UK is one of the best places in the world to start and run a successful business. However, finding the right visa to establish a commercial presence or set up operations in the UK can be difficult: the UK’s Immigration Rules can be complex and the criteria often strict. The following guide will help […]

Types of UK business grant

business grant

A business grant can offer vital funding for a startup or small business, helping to get a new venture off the ground or by giving an existing business a financial boost, either in its’ infancy or to support its’ growth. Below we look at how this type of funding works to see if a grant […]

Types of company structures in the UK

types of company in the UK

When starting a business in the UK, you’ll need to consider the type of structure under which that business will be run, as this will have legal and tax implications. There are a number of options to choose from but, unless you understand all the pros and cons, and how each structure operates in practice, […]

How to set up a business in the UK

set up a business in the uk

As a foreign national, there are a number of factors to consider when looking to set up a business in the UK. The following guide will help you to navigate how to open a company in the UK. including what type of visa you may need to apply for and what type of tax you […]

How to protect intellectual property rights in the UK

intellectual property rights

From an invention and innovative design, to a brand name or business identity, intellectual property can represent potentially valuable commercial assets that need to be legally protected, whether trading on home turf or overseas. Having the right type of intellectual property protection will help you to maintain your competitive edge, preventing people from stealing or […]

UK Import Guide

uk import guide

If you are establishing UK-based operations and plan to start importing goods into the UK, you will need to familiarise yourself with the import rules. Failure to follow the rules, however unintentional, can lead to delays, additional expense and legal issues. In this guide, we summarise what businesses need to know about bringing goods into […]