UK Announces New Ukrainian Visa Extension Scheme

UK Announces New Ukrainian Visa Extension Scheme


The UK Government has announced an extension to its visa scheme for Ukrainian nationals seeking refuge from the ongoing conflict. This scheme, known as the Ukraine Extension Scheme, allows Ukrainians who arrived in the UK before 16 November 2023, to extend their stay for an additional two years.

Since March 2022, the UK has opened three routes for Ukrainian nationals seeking refuge from the war in their home country. Homes for Ukraine, the Ukraine Family Scheme and the Ukraine Extension Scheme each granted three years leave in the UK to affected Ukrainians, meaning the first visas were set to expire in March 2025.

Under the new extension scheme, Ukrainians are permitted to remain in the UK for an additional two years, providing continued access to work, education, and healthcare within the UK.


Who is eligible for the Ukrainian visa extension Scheme?

Ukrainian nationals who entered the UK before 16 November 2023, with permission to stay under either the Ukraine Family Scheme or the Ukraine Visa Scheme, will be eligible to apply.

Individuals who previously held permission to be in the UK that expired after 1 January 2022, can also apply.


How to apply for the visa extension

The Home Office has advised applications for the visa extensions would be open online from early 2025.

Applicants must meet certain eligibility criteria and submit supporting documentation.



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