No Sponsor Licence Renewal Requirement From 6 April 2024

sponsor licence

The requirement for UK sponsors to renew their sponsor licence every four years is being abolished, under new Home Office rules confirmed today. In light of the changes, UK sponsor licences due to expire on or after 6 April 2024 are now being automatically extended by 10 years. Licences that are automatically extended will not […]

Types of Company Structures in the UK

types of company in the uk

When starting a business in the UK, you’ll need to consider the type of structure under which that business will be run, as this will have legal and tax implications. There are a number of options to choose from but, unless you understand all the pros and cons, and how each structure operates in practice, […]

How to Protect Intellectual Property Rights in the UK

intellectual property rights

From an invention and innovative design, to a brand name or business identity, intellectual property can represent potentially valuable commercial assets that need to be legally protected, whether trading on home turf or overseas. Having the right type of intellectual property protection will help you to maintain your competitive edge, preventing people from stealing or […]

What is a Sponsorship Licence?

sponsor licence

The United Kingdom has a sponsorship-based system for work and business visas. This means that all companies seeking to bring over foreign national employees must have a valid sponsor licence from the UK Home Office. If your business would like to send an employee to the United Kingdom or bring an employee from abroad, you […]

How to set up a business in the UK

set up a business in the UK

As a foreign national, there are a number of factors to consider when looking to set up a business in the UK. The following guide will help you to navigate how to open a company in the UK. including what type of visa you may need to apply for and what type of tax you […]