UKCA & CE Product Certification Guide 2024

Product Certification

Product certification is an important regulatory requirement of many businesses around the world to ensure the quality and performance of products. Many international regulations and contracts stipulate that products must be part of a certification scheme to ensure their quality. This also helps consumers know that the products they are purchasing are of high standards. […]

Licensing a product to sell in the UK

licensing a product to sell in uk

As a foreign company with potentially valuable intellectual assets, such as a unique product design, distinctive brand or innovative technology, there will be various ways in which you can access or expand into the UK market — from product development to distribution and marketing. These types of arrangement will, however, require some form of licensing […]

UK-Switzerland Services Mobility Agreement

UK-Switzerland Services Mobility Agreement

The UK-Switzerland Services Mobility Agreement is a post-Brexit arrangement between the UK and Switzerland that has been in place since 2021. It allows UK service industry professionals to travel and operate freely in Switzerland for up to 90 days a year without having to first apply for a work permit, and vice versa for Swiss […]

UK Distance Selling VAT Rules

Distance Selling VAT Rules

Like many countries in the European Union and around the world, the United Kingdom uses a general system of consumption tax for services and goods known as Value-Added Tax (VAT). The VAT system applies varied tax percentages on different kinds of goods and services sold to consumers. Depending on the type of product or service, […]