How to Give Proof of Settled Status

proof of settled status

EU settled status is the official term for the permission granted to qualifying EEA and Swiss citizens and their relatives, allowing them to live and work in the UK on a permanent basis under the EU Settlement Scheme (EUSS). Those with settled status may be required to prove their status in certain circumstances, such as […]

UKVCAS: Guide for Applicants

UKVCAS guide

In order to apply for a visa, settlement, or British citizenship from within the United Kingdom, most individuals will be required to attend a UKVCAS centre to finalise the application process. Making an application for a UK visa and citizenship can be overwhelming. While UKVCAS services are intended to make the application process more straightforward […]

UK school & education system guide

UK education system guide

The United Kingdom has one of the oldest and best-developed education systems in the world. From Early Years to Higher Education, you can be certain that high-quality options are available throughout the country. The education systems differ in each of the devolved nations – England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland – so you will want […]

How to buy a house if you’re moving to the UK

buy house in uk

The housing market in the United Kingdom is made up of a broad range of property types, from contemporary, new-build homes and apartments to historic, period properties that are hundreds of years old. As a non-British national, you may enjoy visiting the United Kingdom on a frequent basis and have considered buying property in which […]

How to apply for a UK Travel Document

uk travel document

A valid passport is usually required for international travel and serves as an important form of official identification that is recognised around the world. However, some people cannot obtain a passport whilst they are living in the United Kingdom for a variety of reasons, such as refugees and stateless people. These individuals may be eligible […]

Best places to live in the UK

best place to live in uk

Which are the best places to live in the UK if you are relocating from overseas? The United Kingdom is an ancient island nation with a rich history and diverse cities, towns, and villages. From the global metropolis of London to the relaxing seaside of the Pembrokeshire Coast, there is a place for everyone. The […]

Overview of the UK Tax System

expat tax uk

One of the key considerations when planning your move to the UK will be taxation and whether you will have to file returns or pay tax. In this ultimate guide to the UK tax system, we outline the main types of tax, and how the tax rules apply to expats and foreign nationals living here. […]

5 Tips on Choosing Your Immigration Lawyer

Choosing Your Immigration Lawyer

How do you choose the best immigration lawyer? Here are a few tips to help you through the process of finding a good immigration solicitor. [toc]   1. Get recommendations It’s likely at least one person in your network has needed an immigration solicitor at one point or another in their life. Ask your friends […]

The Benefits of an International Tax Review

international tax review

For businesses who trade and operate in more than one country, the value of carrying out an international tax review cannot be underestimated, bringing together the complexities of: international tax legislation, including ongoing changes developments within your business and future planning commercial and political changes worldwide International tax legislation Any company who operates across international […]

Expat Tax When Moving to the UK

expat tax uk

By moving to the UK you may become liable to pay UK income and capital gains tax, in addition to any tax liability in your home country. Understanding how expatriate tax works can be crucial in determining whether relocating to the UK is a financially viable move for you and your family. The following guide […]