Investing in Art in the UK

invest in art in uk

When it comes to purchasing art for investment purposes, provided you know enough about the value and marketability of works of art to make profitable choices, typically in the long-term, this can represent a very lucrative way of making money. The following guide on ‘how to invest in art UK’ looks at both the “why” […]

Foreign Direct Investment in the UK

foreign direct investment uk

The UK continues to rank highly across Europe and the rest of the world for attracting foreign direct investment. In this overview of FDI in the UK, we look at the different types of investment projects, from who is investing to which sectors and regions of the UK they are choosing to put their money. […]

UK R&D Tax Credits for Overseas Companies

r&d tax credits

In the UK, the R&D tax credit schemes play a key role in incentivising investment in research and development by reducing the costs of innovation. This means that for any UK-based business looking to invest in scientific or technological advances, it could be eligible to claim a significant proportion of the costs or expenditure back […]

Investment Options in the UK

investment options uk

There are a whole host of investment options available in the UK for overseas nationals who are willing to look at different ways to make a return on their money. The following ‘investment options UK’ guide looks at a number of potential investment ideas, from purchasing UK property to buying stocks and shares in a […]