Health and Care Worker Visa Guide

Health and care worker visa

If you are a healthcare professional looking to relocate to the UK for work, it’s likely you’ll need to apply for a Health and Care Worker Visa. The Health and Care Worker Visa is a dedicated immigration route for qualified medical professionals. The UK has a shortage of workers in the health sector, and this […]

Appendix English Language Guide

appendix english language

Appendix English Language, part of the UK Immigration Rules, sets out how the English language requirement is met. When applying for entry clearance or permission to remain in the UK, you will need to satisfy various eligibility requirements. For many routes, the requirements include knowledge of the English to a required standard. In this guide, […]

Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS Fee Guide)

IHS fee immigration health surcharge

When planning a move abroad, healthcare is a major consideration, as healthcare coverage and services in different countries varies drastically. In the United Kingdom, healthcare is free at the point of use through the National Health Service (NHS) for permanent residents and citizens in the UK. Nearly all those subject to immigration control will be […]

Permitted Paid Engagement Visa

permitted paid engagement visa

In this guide, we take a detailed look at the UK’s Permitted Paid Engagement (PPE) visa, a route for foreign professionals to visit the UK for the purpose of carrying out a work engagement.   What is the permitted paid engagement visa? The Permitted Paid Engagement (PPE) visa is for experts from visa national countries […]

UK Marriage Visa: Join Your Loved One

marriage visa uk

In order to live with your spouse in the UK, as a foreign national you will need to apply for a UK marriage visa. While you will naturally want to start the next chapter in your family life quickly and with minimal disruption and expense, the UK marriage visa application process can be complex and […]

Share Code: Prove Your Immigration Status

share code

Anyone wanting to work in the UK has to prove that they have permission to do so. This rule applies to everyone, including British citizens, non-UK citizens who live in the UK and people who come to the UK with a work visa. For any other nationality, an online check must be carried out. Most […]

UK Shortage Occupation List: How Does It Work?

shortage occupation list

The Shortage Occupation List (SOL) is used by the UK Government to allow more relaxed work visa requirements for certain types of job, making it easier for employers to recruit overseas workers for these roles. The UK is experiencing shortages of skilled workers across many parts of the economy, and through the shortage list, the […]

Tier 2 Sponsor List (How to Find a UK Sponsor!)

tier 2 sponsor list

Arriving in a new country on a work visa is one of the most common ways to immigrate. The United Kingdom has one of the most highly regulated immigration systems in the world. It uses a system of work visa sponsorship to ensure that foreign national workers are both contributing to the British economy and […]

MN1 Form: British Citizenship for a Child

form mn1

The MN1 Form is used to register a non-British child (under 18) for British citizenship. Successful applications must show the child satisfies specific requirements as set out under British nationality law. Where the child does not satisfy the legal requirements, it is possible to apply for a discretionary decision by the Home Secretary by demonstrating […]

Form FLR (FP) Extend Your Stay in the UK

flr fp

If you want to live with a family member in the UK for more than six months, or if you want to extend your stay in the UK for family or private reasons, you have to make an application the Home Office for permission for further leave to remain. If you’re applying to stay in […]