MN1 Form: British Citizenship for a Child

form mn1

The MN1 Form is used to register a non-British child (under 18) for British citizenship. Successful applications must show the child satisfies specific requirements as set out under British nationality law. Where the child does not satisfy the legal requirements, it is possible to apply for a discretionary decision by the Home Secretary by demonstrating […]

Can Foreign Nationals Buy Property in the UK?

can foreigners buy property in uk

Foreign nationals are permitted to buy property in the United Kingdom. The UK welcomes property investment from foreign nationals and non-residents. However, there are certain legal considerations and rules that foreign buyers should be aware of.   Legal framework for buying property in the UK Foreign nationals are allowed to buy property in the UK, […]

Types of Company Structures in the UK

types of company in the uk

When starting a business in the UK, you’ll need to consider the type of structure under which that business will be run, as this will have legal and tax implications. There are a number of options to choose from but, unless you understand all the pros and cons, and how each structure operates in practice, […]