Proving Source of Funds for UK Investments

source of funds

Individuals and entities may be required to provide proof of the source of funds when making certain investments or engaging in financial transactions in the UK. This is because the UK has strict anti-money laundering (AML) regulations in place. AML regulations are designed to prevent and detect money laundering, which is the process of making […]

How are Investments in the UK Taxed?

How are Investments in the UK Taxed

Investing in the United Kingdom can be lucrative, with a multitude of opportunities to grow wealth. However, the potential to achieve financial gain also brings the necessity to navigate the UK’s tax rules and regulations. Understanding how different investments are taxed lays the foundation for effective tax planning and optimising your investment portfolio. In this guide, […]

UK Expansion Worker Visa: Set up in the UK

uk expansion worker visa

The UK Expansion Visa allows overseas companies to deploy key personnel to the UK to set up operations and expand their business. Part of the more extensive Global Business Mobility Route, this visa opens up much-needed opportunities for global workers who benefit the British economy by commencing trading in the United Kingdom on behalf of […]