How to Protect Intellectual Property Rights in the UK

intellectual property rights

From an invention and innovative design, to a brand name or business identity, intellectual property can represent potentially valuable commercial assets that need to be legally protected, whether trading on home turf or overseas. Having the right type of intellectual property protection will help you to maintain your competitive edge, preventing people from stealing or […]

Licensing a product to sell in the UK

licensing a product to sell in uk

As a foreign company with potentially valuable intellectual assets, such as a unique product design, distinctive brand or innovative technology, there will be various ways in which you can access or expand into the UK market — from product development to distribution and marketing. These types of arrangement will, however, require some form of licensing […]

Innovator Founder Visa Guide

innovator founder visa

Following the closure of the Start up visa and Innovator routes, the sole route for foreign nationals to set up and manage their own business in the UK is the Innovator Founder route. The Innovator Founder visa is a great opportunity for entrepreneurs who want to start and run a successful business in the UK. […]

Skilled Worker Visa Guidance

skilled worker visa

The Skilled Worker Visa is the primary work-related visa category under the new Points-Based Immigration System available for those seeking to move to the United Kingdom. At first, the Skilled Worker Visa process may seem daunting, but once you have confirmation of an eligible job from an approved employer it is overall a simple application […]