Can an Illegal Immigrant Become Legal in the UK?

how can a illegal immigrant become legal in the uk

If you are living in the UK without valid permission, you will be classed as an illegal immigrant and you could face deportation. Everyday life will be difficult as you won’t have the right to work or to access free healthcare or benefits. Even people who enter the UK lawfully can find themselves become an […]

Asylum Statement Sample (Preparing your Claim)

asylum statement

To improve your chances of getting asylum, you should draft a written statement that explains your story and why you need protection. Using a sample written asylum statement as a basis, you can make sure you are including the right information to help with your claim. The following questionnaire will prompt you and help you […]

What is a Refugee?

what is a refugee

It is enshrined in law that everybody has the right to seek asylum in other countries for protection from persecution in your home country. Chances for recognition as refugee vary from country to country, depending on factors such as what happened to the individual in their country of origin and what will happen to them […]