Sexual Minorities: Their Treatment Across the World

The following list below is a series of links of the situation and treatment of sexual minorities by societies and authorities in a number of different countries. The status of sexual minorities in Bahamas: The status of sexual minorities in Barbados: The status of sexual minorities in Bosnia and Herzegovina: The status […]

Seeking Asylum

The asylum systems in North America, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand are complicated, involve significant amounts of administrative hurdles, and are oftern adversarial. [toc] We are sorry that we partly have to copy the administrative style of language in order to describe precisely how things work. It might take you a bit more time to […]

Cyprus: 1999 Country Report on Human Rights Practices

claiming asylum in the uk

Prior to 1974, Cyprus experienced a long period of intercommunal strife between its Greek and Turkish Cypriot communities. In response the United Nations Force in Cyprus (UNFICYP) began peacekeeping operations in March 1964. [toc] The island has been divided since the Turkish military intervention of 1974, following a coup d’etat directed from Greece. Since 1974 […]