Living in the UK

Living in the UK

How to Make Britain your new home.

Living in the UK

Whether you’re looking for urban buzz or rural calm, the United Kingdom, with its high standard of living, varied culture and rich history, offers something for everyone.

If you have decided to make the move to the UK, learning about the country’s ways, culture, cuisine, rules and even weather can help manage your expectations about what life in Britain will be like.

Some of the main areas for expats to consider include:

  • Places to live – where are the best places to live and work? What will you do for accommodation – rent or buy?
  • Finances – what is the cost of living in the UK? How can you make the most of your money?
  • Transport – how do you get about in the UK? What is public transport like? How much does it cost to own your own car?
  • Tax – what are the tax rules you need to be aware of?
  • Healthcare – will you be able to use the public healthcare system (‘NHS’)? Will you need health insurance?
  • Family, marriage & partnership – what do you need to know about family life in the UK?
  • Children’s education – how does the UK school system operate? Which is the best school for your children?
  • Culture & history – what is UK culture like?
  • Governance – how do the UK’s political, economic and legal systems operate?
  • Citizenship – what does it mean to become a British citizen?

Preparing as much as you can before you travel can help to make settling in as relaxed and enjoyable as possible.

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