Overview of the UK Tax System

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One of the key considerations when planning your move to the UK will be taxation and whether you will have to file returns or pay tax. In this ultimate guide to the UK tax system, we outline the main types of tax, and how the tax rules apply to expats and foreign nationals living here. […]

The Benefits of an International Tax Review

international tax review

For businesses who trade and operate in more than one country, the value of carrying out an international tax review cannot be underestimated, bringing together the complexities of: international tax legislation, including ongoing changes developments within your business and future planning commercial and political changes worldwide International tax legislation Any company who operates across international […]

Expat Tax When Moving to the UK

expat tax uk

By moving to the UK you may become liable to pay UK income and capital gains tax, in addition to any tax liability in your home country. Understanding how expatriate tax works can be crucial in determining whether relocating to the UK is a financially viable move for you and your family. The following guide […]

Non Dom Tax Status: What does it Mean?

non dom tax status

So what exactly is a ‘non-dom’ and how is it connected to your tax status? A person’s domicile is an important factor when it comes to deciding on their tax status. The term ‘non-dom’ is used to describe a person who for tax purposes has a domicile outside the UK. The non-dom status generally brings […]

Taxes for Expats: A Guide

Many British expats mistakenly believe that once they have left the UK to live overseas, they are no longer subject to UK tax, but the situation isn’t as clear cut or straightforward as that. An expat living abroad is still liable to pay taxes on any UK income they receive. Any obligation to pay UK […]

What is Income Tax for Expats?

Even if you leave the UK and move abroad, you may still be liable to UK income tax. It is therefore important to understand if and when any UK tax liability arises, and how this may affect you. The following guide looks at income tax for expats, and what you need to know about UK […]

Non Doms Tax – The Current Position

If you are UK tax resident but not domiciled in the UK, special rules apply to determine the basis upon which you pay UK tax. Below we examine the rules relating to non doms, including recent reforms to the law. Non doms tax – Determining your domicile status Your domicile is usually the country in […]