Buying from the UK

Why the UK makes the ideal trading partner.

Buying from the UK

The UK maintains exceptional global appeal as an abundant source of competitive, world-class suppliers.

As one of the one of the most open, international business environments, the UK offers a regulatory framework supportive of innovation and trade regulations designed to make it easy for businesses to buy products and services from the UK.

Industrial strategy

Under the UK’s Industrial Strategy, the Government is implementing policies for major investment across people, business and infrastructure to strengthen productivity and enable the UK to provide leading-edge expertise, goods and services to trading partners.

Pedigree in innovation

The UK is renowned for nurturing innovation and entrepreneurship unlike anywhere else.

Innovation and advancement is inherent across the UK’s economic activity, from commercial organisations and individual talent to academic institutions and research groups.

Destination for capital investment

The UK continues to attract world-leading levels of capital investment in infrastructure projects, enterprises and companies in support of continued advancements across the economy.

Supportive regulation

UK regulation is seen as providing an essential stable framework in which to do business with confidence without overburdening through rules and directives.

More than 90 different regulators act within specific areas of the economy to ensure the required practices and standards are maintained and enhanced.

Purchase with confidence

Buyers working with UK suppliers can be reassured of the protections and security available under the regulatory framework.

Many UK companies are also backed or supported by the world’s leading financial institutions.


To support UK trade, financing options are available both for buyers and their suppliers. UK Export Finance (UKEF) is the world’s longest-established export credit agency, helping buyers to purchase British goods and services from across the economy through flexible, competitive financing.

World-class infrastructure

The UK offers an established transport network, including an advanced air and port infrastructure, with specific investment in strategic locations to support faster and more cost-effective transportation of goods.

IP protection

The UK’s legal system is highly regarded across the globe. As part of this, businesses can benefit from strong protection for intellectual property.

UK-based legal advisers bring together commercial and technical understanding with international experience to handle the most complex and groundbreaking of cases.


Trade with UK suppliers and you can be assured of buyer privacy. Businesses and public bodies must comply with the Data Protection Act 2018, which implements the European GDPR and defines how personal information is to be used, or face significant fines.

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