Employing Overseas Workers in the UK

For UK employers to hire employ workers from overseas, they need to be aware of the legal requirements involved, from how to check whether an overseas worker has the right to work in the UK to sponsorship. Employing an EEA worker Under current UK immigration rules, citizens of the European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland […]

How to Make a British Citizenship Application

Before you can make a British citizenship application, you must first check that you qualify and meet the strict eligibility criteria. [toc] Your status will also determine the process by which you are to apply for citizenship. If you qualify by naturalisation, the British citizenship application process will be different than if you are married […]

Tier 2: Guide for Employees

For most skilled economic migrants, the Tier 2 Visa is the primary route into the UK. [toc] The Tier 2 Visa gives an employee from outside the EEA and Switzerland the right to reside and work in the UK for up to 5 years. Employees working on a Tier 2 Visa also have a number […]

Proof of Right to Work in the UK

Under the Immigration, Asylum and Nationality Act 2006, all employers are required to meet their duties to prevent illegal working in the UK by carrying out document checks to ensure that anyone who applies to them for employment has the right to work in the UK. What is the definition of an illegal worker? Illegal […]

Civil Penalty under the Immigration Act: Been Fined?

As part of the Home Office’s punitive toolkit against illegal working, employers who are found to be in breach of their immigration compliance duties may be issued a civil penalty under the Immigration Act 2016. The Immigration Act also introduced criminal offences in cases of illegal employment and provided additional powers for immigration officers to […]

Civil Penalty Immigration: How to Challenge a Home Office fine

As a UK employer you are under a duty to prevent illegal working by carrying out right to work document checks confirming all of your employees are lawfully allowed to work in the UK and undertake the work on offer. Failure to carry out these checks correctly or failing to carry them out at all […]

Sponsor Licence Compliance Guidance

As a licensed sponsor you have a number of duties and responsibilities so as to ensure compliance with the immigration rules and prevent abuse of the system – both by you as a sponsoring employer and by any migrants that you sponsor. The following sponsor licence guidance provides a basic outline of those duties, together […]

US B1 B2 Visa for Business and Tourism

If you are ineligible for the Visa Waiver Program, to gain lawful entry into the USA for short-term visit you will be required to apply for a visa. For temporary stays, the B1 visa category allows entry into the US for foreign nationals looking to carry out business in the USA, and the B2 for […]

Proof of Right to Work: An Employers’ Guide

All UK employers, irrespective of size or sector, are required by law to ensure that any prospective and existing employees are legally entitled to work in the UK and to undertake the work in question. Failure to check and verify an employee’s proof of right to work in the UK prior to the start of […]

Tier 2 Sponsor Guidance: How to Comply with Your Duties

As a Tier 2 licensed sponsor your organisation has to meet a number of ongoing duties to ensure compliance with the immigration rules. Failure to meet the Home Office requirements can lead to sponsor licence suspension or even revocation, which will impact your ability to employ migrant workers. The following Tier 2 sponsor guidance provides […]